Well, as promised, here is our trip from last year. It’s a long post, but afterall, it was eleven days, 7 states and 3,200 miles.This started out with us attending a wedding in Montana. Who doesn’t love Montana? And our first thought was, bike trip!

This started out with us attending a wedding in Montana. Who doesn’t love Montana? And our first thought was, bike trip!

Morning Departure
This is what bikes ready to hit the road look like at 2:00 a.m.

We were packed, excited and ready to go. The first leg of our trip would take us just outside of Salt Lake City. We figured we would be pulling in about 7:00 pm. Well after a day of heavy rain coming out of Baker, traffic in Las Vegas and our stops being way longer than we planned, we pulled into our first hotel at 10:00 pm. Yep, that was a 19 hour day.

There were a lot of selfies on this trip. There always is when Marci is there.Montana Bound Day 1 Happy Day

Late morning stop, still fresh and ready to ride one. Only about 12 hours to go.

Day 2 took us out of Utah and into Idaho. Idaho surprised me! It was so beautiful. Definitely one of those aha moments. We stopped in Mud Lake, Idaho for lunch and found a really great little bar with the best food. The owner was so much fun. She had just bought the bar/cafe a couple of months before. It was called the Painted Pony.

Mud Lake Museum Marci and her UPS friend The Painted Pony

Sadly, a few months after we got home, we heard the Painted Pony burnt down. But don’t fret, you can still visit it if you are ever in Idaho. The community came together and helped them out and they rebuilt it. Definitely worth stopping.

Well, we worked our way over to Salmon, Idaho. By far, one of our favorite places on our trip. Would love to live there one day.

These pics aren’t Salmon, just another stop along the way. Who can pass up a selfie with the local cows?


13886463_10154472923339074_453527082602708068_n13895292_10154485250064074_8538087116991110614_n 13882595_10154473591969074_707329560158952830_n

From there we made our way through the Bitter Root Valley which would take us into Montana. Started that leg on a gravel road (oh yay!) and moved on into some of the most beautiful country you will ever see. Don’t mind the blood stains on the road that remind you of all the deer in the area just waiting to jump out at you. There are no words to describe this pass.

13900349_10154473879469074_3437790733384296914_n  13895329_10154473879279074_6773740069719270658_n 13935037_10154473879079074_1303522849710885487_n

We did have to ride through a major fire before hitting Stevensville, but we made it. Pulling in at 9:00 pm instead of 6:00 pm like we thought we would. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Stevensville is a great all American town. We would be here for 2 days. We had a wedding to attend. And it was a wedding done right!


We were lucky enough to be in Stevensville for the Creamery Festival. There was a parade!




And you’ve got to do laundry when you can. What makes a better laundry basket than your rolling ice chest?


13882295_10154478644094074_5085832643118893036_n 13901384_10154478653284074_5961466682036224706_n 13886315_10154478653354074_1823866904562561063_n

What do you do while waiting for your clothes to wash? You catch up on the local news and make friends with the moose head of course!

After a night partying with the locals and sitting through a day of rain, it was time to leave Stevensville.

We made a stop at the Two Bit Saloon.

Dammit Doll

Dammit loved Montana


And from there we went to the Grizzly for an incredible dinner

Day 5 Grizzly Bar-1 13912756_10154483758064074_4737688417753272769_n

And then on to our home for the night. The Yodeler Motel in Redlodge Montana. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. We will be riding Beartooth Highway.

13895439_10154483772974074_230134380836180093_n 13925324_10154483773434074_7015085062119775972_nDay 6 Redlodge Mt-5

Day 6 Redlodge Mt-1 Day 6 Redlodge Mt-2 Day 6 Redlodge Mt-3

Day 6 Redlodge Mt-4Day 6 Redlodge Mt-5


So as we pack up to leave for Beartooth Highway, we decide to check the weather and get reports of 20 degrees at the top of the Highway. Brrrr! Are we sure we want to do this? Not giving up that easy. I track down a phone number for the ranger’s station and find out that was false news. It’s a beautiful day on the Beartooth and we are on our way.

Day 6 Beartooth Hwy-6 Day 6 Beartooth Hwy-8 Day 6 Beartooth Hwy-9

Day 6 Beartooth Hwy-15 Day 6 Beartooth Hwy-26 Day 6 Beartooth Hwy-30

Unbelievable, that’s all I can say. We were above the tree line at 10,000 feet!

On to Cook City in Yellowstone.

Day 6 Cook City-4 Day 6 Cook City-10 Day 6 Cook City-12

And then it was through the Grand Tetons to Pehashka Teepees for the night. What a great place to stay.

Day 7 Grand Tetons-2 Day 7 Grand Tetons-7 Day 7 Grand Tetons-9

Day 7 Pehashka-2 Day 7 Pehashka-13

Already at day 8, we headed back into Yellowstone and on to Jackson Hole.

Day 7 Yellowstone-6 Day 7 Yellowstone-3 "I'm a moose!"

Torrey, Ut was next. We made a stop at the Flaming Gorge, but to get there, we had to ride through some crazy weather of wind, rain, and lightning hitting the ground on the side of the road. There were reports of other riders taking cover under trees because they were being pelted by hail. Luckily, we missed that part.

Day 8 Jackson Hole to Torrey UT-9 Day 8 Jackson Hole to Torrey UT-10 Day 8 Jackson Hole to Torrey UT-3

Day 9 Torrey to Springdale Ut-2

Into Zion. We found out the road into Zion that we were planning to take had a huge boulder fall onto it and was closed, so we had to re-route. Small change but we got there. Decided to extend our trip by one day so we could ride the tunnel that went through the rocks. So glad we did. Zion is beautiful.

Day 9 Torrey to Springdale Ut-23 Day 10 Zion National Park-1 Day 10 Zion National Park-17

Evidence Marci really is a tree hugger Day 10 Zion National Park-27

Day 10 Zion National Park-30 Day 10 Zion National Park-31

Day 10 Zion National Park-34

From this point on it was just getting home. Stayed the night in State Line and then back to good old Riverside. This was an incredible trip. Can’t wait til the next one. I could have just kept on going. There really is no other way to see the country than on a motorcycle.

You somehow become one with your surroundings and absorb all the sites and the smells.

Thank you Craig, Marci and Rick for a great trip!



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