The trip of 2017 wasn’t quite the same as the Montana trip but being on the road is always good. The plan was…no plan. No hotel reservations, no predetermined route. Just head north, preferably along the coast. There were a couple of things that I was looking forward to. Crossing the Golden Gate bridge, the Redwoods and going all the way to Oregon.

Lunch in Solvang
Lunch in Solvang

First stop of the day was Solvang for lunch. This is officially the best place to get a Monte Cristo. If you are ever in Solvang, give it a try.

We made it to the coast that day and ended up in Morro Bay.

Great little hotel. Seaside Inn. You can get pizza delivered here

I rode the Golden Gate Bridge! Well, crawled the Golden Gate Bridge. Typical California traffic ruins all great experiences.

Mystery of the Trees.  There was this great trail that started behind the hotel and made its way to the beach.

This is me getting ready to ride through a tree. Yes, THROUGH a tree!

Sometimes you have to get off the beaten path.

Overall it was a pretty good trip. It’s always good to be on the road.

Next year, back to Montana?



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