Two of my greatest passions…photography and my Harley. I love when they come together.

Passion is what drives us. Keeps us going. Sometimes following what drives you makes no sense to anyone on the outside looking in, but don’t let that stop you. That drive that comes from within. That desire to do something that just won’t quit. That voice that won’t go away, and even if it does momentarily, you start missing it.

That is you. That’s the part of you that hasn’t been listening to everyone telling what you should be doing. The part of you that isn’t worried about paying bills, running errands or committing to things that you really don’t want to do. But we all have to do the adulting crap that none of us want to do, right?

But what if you start to listen to that part of you. The part that knows what really makes you happy. The part that knows if you are doing what you are meant to everything else will just fall into place. What if you just took a chance. What if you gambled on you. What if?

Ask yourself. What if…


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