Heide Rainey - She Ridez

I’m Heide. I’m a Grandma (Mimi), a photographer and graphic designer and I love life.

I ride a Harley, preferably on long road trips. You will see a lot of motorcycles and riding on here. You will also see cool things I get to photograph.

These things are not what I do. They are who I am. I don’t always live my life the others think I should, but the way I see it…it’s my life and I’m not going to waste it and find myself at the end of it one day wishing I would have. Wondering what it would have been like.

I may not succeed at all I do, but I’m sure going to have fun trying. Gone are the days that do things just because I’m supposed to. Well, there are things like paying bills and taxes that will always be lurking around, but you know what I mean.

If you’d like to see what the life of a 50 something woman who has decided to freelance, loves to ride her Harley and adores her family and the love of her life, her boyfriend, then come back often. You never know what you will see.

My Street Bob

This is my 2012 Harley. Together we have done two road trips totaling over 6,000 miles with another 2 week trip scheduled for 2018.